Why are there no big pizzas?

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It all started long ago when Wilder's was just an idea. In the quest to develop the perfect restaurant, we naturally visited all other restaurants. We watched what worked and what did not work. There was one difference that stood out to us between pizzerias and all other restaurants.

The size of the food.

In a traditional restaurant, fast food or sit down, each person at the table orders their own food depending on what they want that day and how they like it.

In a pizzeria, families order one large pizza and all eat the same thing. Normally pizzas are ordered in one of two ways. First, the mom or dad will sacrifice what they want and get a pizza that has only the ingredients all of the kids will eat. The second option is for the mom or dad to order what they want on a pizza and tell the kids to pick off what they don't like.

To us, this was a bit weird.

So we thought, why not just give everyone their own pizza, with whatever they want on it for the same price? And that is what we did.

After observing many restaurants, very rarely does everyone at the table eat the same thing, so we started with the assumption that most people will not want the exact same pizza. If people do ask us for a large pizza, it is usually not because they all WANT the same thing, but that is just the way they think you order pizza.

Wilder's is different. Find the pizza that is as unique as you.


A Pizzeria built for pizza lovers by pizza lovers.

1 Block from Central Park in Antigua Guatemala

5a Calle Poniente #8
Antigua, Guatemala


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