What is Detroit Style Pizza?

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Detroit Style Pizza is a pizza with a thick crust similar to a foccacia. It is built in a square pan with cheese spread all the way to the edge forming a fabulous crispy cheese border. Traditionally the toppings are flipped when compared to a New York style pizza with the pepperoni being laid first, then the cheese, followed by the sauce and the remaining toppings.

Why are the toppings reversed?

There are a few thoughts on the toppings.

  1. The sauce is traditionally on top. It just looks cool. We think of them like racing stripes on old classic cars from the home of Detroit style pizza.
Pizza with racing stripes - detroit style pizza
  1. Detroit pizza is made from a dough with a high water content. This gives a nice bread-like base. Having the pepperoni first creates a barrier to prevent some of the moisture from the cheese, sauce and other toppings from reaching the dough and causing it to under cook.
  2. Everyone hates when they pick up pizza and all of the ingredients and cheese slide off. While we can never prevent this completely, we do find it happens less with the sauce on top. The sauce on bottom acts like a lubricant and makes the toppings slide all over.


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