Is Wilder’s Pizza Fast Food?


We like to think of Wilder's as a “Faster Food” restaurant. While we can not compete with the 2 minute delivery of a true fast food restaurant, we do aim to deliver the best, made to order pizza in 10 minutes or less. We think that is pretty good. (note: there is some variation depending on the way you make your pizza)

Like fast food restaurants, we have an order at the counter system, but we do bring food to your table and have free bread more like a sit down restaurant.

Like a traditional restaurant, we do not have all of the paper wrappers, plastic silverware and disposble cups. Our goal is to cut our waste and not produce garbage with a food wrapper that lasts 14 seconds while you walk to your table.

Like a fast food restaurant, we have a drink machine where you can get your own refills on your favorite Coca-cola products

Like a traditional restaurant, we clear the table for you. (this also helps us minimize garbage)

So the answer is we are a “Faster Food” restaurant. We try to bring you many of the things people love about a sit down restaurant with the convenience of a fast food restaurant.


Una pizzería hecha para amantes de la pizza por amantes de la pizza.

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