Building the Best Pizza – Tips

At Wilder's, all pizzas are “build your own” pizzas. So while we can make a great dough, use an incredible cheese blend, find the best ingredients, that will only get us 90% of the way to the best pizza. The last 10% is up to you.

Ingredients Vs Water Content

Dough is made up of flour and water, as bread cooks, the dough loses water content, not all of it, but enough to give you the nice bread texture we all love. If bread is undercooked it remains doughy and soft and is usually not very desirable.

Pizza dough works in the same way with one exception, the ingredients on top of the pizza when cooked release water and that enters the dough. This is why on many pizzas if you remove the cheese and the sauce, the top layers of the dough are still very wet and raw. This is totally normal.

At Wilder's, we take a few extra steps. First, we lay down the pepperoni. This creates a barrier before the cheese. Then we put the sauce on top. The sauce has more water in it than almost any ingredient. So with this design, the water is further away from the bread and it helps to cook it better. But it still comes down to you.


Don't Double Cheese – Can you double cheese? Yeah, sure. But cheese has a lot of moisture and this will make your crust very soggy and will result in a much longer cooking time with less than ideal results.

Limit Yourself to 4-6 Toppings – All toppings have water in them that can affect your crust. So while it is possible to get 15 toppings on your piece, the results will not be that good. Some ingredients have a lot of moisture like pineapple, olives, mushrooms, and onions. So just keep in mind what ingredients you are using. Secondly, with that many ingredients, they will start to just overwhelm each other can be a mess of flavors. Again this will also result in up to a 10 minute longer cook time.

We understand that unlimited toppings will lead you to be tempted to pile them all on, but trust us, the results will not be as good as you think in your head. Play it cook, make a great pizza and come back tomorrow to try some different toppings!


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