Pizza As Unique As You

5a calle poniente #8
Antigua, Guatemala

Reinventing The Pizzeria

Pizza for everyone without compromising.

Personalized Pizza. Fast. One Price. What more could you want?

22 Ingredients
Fresh Ingredients
Made to Order
1,048,575 Combinations
Ready in 10 minutes
Restaurant Specialties

Pizzeria Highlights

Build Your Own Pizza

Cheese Bread

Build Your Own Salad

Detroit Pizza Special

Free Bread!


Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery in Antigua Guatemala

We offer delivery. (coming soon) Pizza Delivery is FREE in Antigua on orders of more than Q70 placed online through our website. Delivery is available in surrounding areas for a nominal fee.

Family Size Burger?

Yeah, we think it is weird too. That is why we don't expect everyone to eat the same thing

Pizza As Unique As You!

Deep thoughts. A pizzeria is a restaurant. When is the last time you went to a restaurant with your family and everyone ordered the exact same thing? Never?

We didn't think so. So why should a pizzeria be any different? At Wilder's, everyone can have a pizza the way they like it. Custom made for them with their own ingredients.

Personalized Pizzas

20 ingredients to make the pizza of your dreams

Personalized Salads

23 ingredients to give you your perfect salad.

Restaurant News

Our latest Blog Posts

  • Where is my pepperoni?

    On a Detroit-style pizza, the pepperoni is normally placed under the cheese and sauce. The … Read more


A Pizzeria built for pizza lovers by pizza lovers.

1 Block from Central Park in Antigua Guatemala

5a Calle Poniente #8
Antigua, Guatemala


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